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State-of-the-Art EMS Contractor

Win2uit provides high quality, U.S. based electronic and metal fabricated manufacturing services to our partners.

Utilizing our expertise in rapid prototyping, quick-turn service and flexible scheduling, we develop long-term relationships with our client partners.

Win2uit Electronics offers

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How Did Winston Electronics turn into Win2uit – a Full-Fledged, State-of-the-Art EMS Contractor?

Well, when we first needed timers in 1983, we just assembled them a few at a time. Then, in 1987, we developed and built our own boards. We became very, very good at electronic assembly, so in 2012, we made the leap to manufacture for others. We’re glad we did.

Now called Win2uit®, our Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) facility is ISO 9001/2015 Certified with over 30 years of experience. Wow! That’s a long way from simple tick-tock timers!

We’ve shipped over 200,000 different items to our outside customer partners in over 100 countries. We’ve even supplied the International Space Station 249 miles above the Earth!

Prototyping and small to mid-size production runs are Win2uit’s specialties. We’re your EMS partner committed to quality and service!

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