Conformal Coating

A conformal coating material is a thin protective barrier that shields sensitive electronic components. Typically applied at 25-250 ╬╝m (micrometers), it protects electronic circuitry from harsh environments that may contain moisture and or chemical contaminants. If a board is uncoated (non-protected), environmental conditions can damage the electronics and cause failure.

Conformal coating provide a barrier to air-borne contaminants from the operating environment, such as salt-spray, thus preventing corrosion. Conformal coatings are also breathable. Above all, the coating layer protects against many environmental hazards but also allows any moisture trapped in the coated circuit board to escape.

In most cases, Win2uit Electronics uses Humiseal® 1B73, a single component, fast drying, acrylic conformal coating. HumiSeal 1B73 demonstrates excellent flexibility and electrical properties, fluoresces under UV light for easy inspection, and is easily repaired. HumiSeal 1B73 coating is MIL-I-46058C qualified, IPC-CC-830 and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU compliant, and recognized under UL File Number E105698.